Trophy 2502 WA – Mercury 300hp Verado

Trophy 2502 WA – Mercury 300hp Verado

This repower saw Mandurah Outboards remove a Mercury 250hp Verado which was on the back of a Trophy 2502 Walkaround and upgrade it to a new Mercury 300hp Verado.

The owner of this boat came to Mandurah Outboards who at the time was very happy with his existing outboard, however wanted a bit more top end speed and a bit better fuel economy when it came to long distance fishing trips, the answer being a new Mercury 300hp Verado.

Being a supercharged outboard means that no matter how hot the weather is on a particular day, the Verado will always produce 300hp unlike a naturally aspirated outboard which can lose a few HP on a hot summers day. The 6 cylinder Mercury Verado outboards come standard with DTS (Digital Throttle & Shift) as well as Power Steering which makes these outboards an absolute dream to drive.

With this repower Mandurah Outboards was not required to install new gauges/screens to read engine data as we were able to display the engine data through the already installed Simrad NSS unit through the NMEA 2000 gateway.

Be sure to check out our you tube video on this repower !